Yearly Subscription

Apart from the Monthly PayPal Subscription, you can pay 1 year upfront with some discounts. The yearly plan is paid through the Stripe Platform and your APIkey will be automatically marked as subscribed for 1 year after you make the payment.

The Yearly Subscription is not automatically renewed every year.

You will receive an email (ony one) 1 month before the expiration date to inform you that the subscription is about to expire.

You can check the expiration date from the Status page of your APIkey

You can extend the subscription at any time. If you pay for another year, the expiration date will be extended 1 more year from the expiration date. That means that you don’t have to wait until the last day to extend the subscription. If you do it in advance, you won’t loose days.

If you have any question about the different plans, please contat me by email at