How to send a WhatsApp message from AppSheet

You can send WhatsApp messages from AppSheet using the TextMeBot API. No code is required and easy to setup.

You can send WA messages from AppSheet using the “Custom Steps” within a Process.

1) Create a new Bot (it was called Automation before) in your App

2) Configure the Event. This will be the trigger for the bot to send the message. For example, when a new row is added into the table.

3) Add a new Step into the Process

4) Select “Create a custom step

5) Select “Call a webhook”

6) Complete the following fields:


💡 Tip: Please note that instead of using an URL with fix parameters, with you can use variables and expression to build the URL dynamically. 

For example, you can use this URL:<<[phone]>>&apikey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&text=Hello%20<<[name]>>

Where “phone” and “name” are the names of the columns in your database. For more information about using a webhook on an Automation/Bot, please check here the google AppSheet Documentation